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In the Studio This Week – Distractions and Some Mixed Media Work

In the studio this week is a misnomer. I wasn’t in the studio very much at all due to the New Year’s distractions. I did start the second painting with Mark Making from the Mastery Program. I also managed to play a little with watercolor and painted an owl.

Mixed Media Piece

I started another mixed media piece from week 19 of The Mastery Program. I had done one previously and felt I just didn’t grasp the concept. The process is to pick a source, draw it on watercolor paper, and then use a variety of mark-making implements. I used water-soluble graphite and paint pens to scribble over the drawing, keeping in mind that these would possibly show in the final painting.

Pen sketch of a sulky girl with a knit hat

Kind of ugly, isn’t it?

Drawing of a girl with a knit hat embellished with mark-making

After sealing the marks with a fixative, the next step was to apply washes using transparent acrylic paint. 

Drawing of a girl with a knit hat using transparent washhes

Then I used transparent acrylic paint to bring slightly more intense color to the face and features.

Mixed media painting of a girl in a knit hat

I felt the background was too pale, so I added more transparent washes. I’m letting this dray and next will be the opaque layers and possibly oil paint. Stay tuned next week for the result.

Painting of a girl with a knit hat done on watercolor paper and acrylic glaxes

Mixed Media Owl

I follow both Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici of Women Unleashed and Tamara (Tam) LaPorte of Willowing. Amber has been hosting a retreat for the new year and Tam is one of the guest instructors. I highly recommend checking out their websites and you can still join the retreat at the link below:


Tam’s lesson was a cute little mixed media owl done primarily with watercolor. I like to challenge myself to use watercolor more frequently so I can feel more comfortable with its unique properties. I also have a penchant for owls so I felt compelled to squeeze this in despite the holiday distractions.

Mixed media painting of an owl


The new year is always a time to reflect on the past year and plan ahead. I don’t go overboard with resolutions, but I do like to have a big picture of what I want to accomplish in the coming year. Finishing the Mastery Program with a marketable artist’s portfolio is my number one goal for 2024. What about you? Do you make resolutions? Do you adopt a word for the year to keep on track? I’m a big believer in using whatever tools work best for you to grow as a creative human being. Much love to you all….

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