The 3 Best Apps to Boost Creativity and Healing
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The 3 Best Apps to Boost Creativity and Healing

So many resources are available today for personal growth and healing.  I am a big fan of those that can be easily accessed from your phone via an application.  I’ve tried many over the years and like to find free apps – try before you buy!  The following are my favorites and all three are…

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Altered Books

Here’s a confession – I have mixed feelings about this.  I love the concept of repurposing and reusing but find it difficult to paint over or tear up an old book.  I try to find ones that are in bad shape or maybe a topic I don’t care for, but part of it seems like sacrilege! …

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Art Journals

Today I want to share with you the Art Journals I use and techniques for filling them up.  Art journals are those I use to draw, paint, or sketch in.  These are typically purchased but sometimes I use altered ledger books, record books, desk calendars, etc.  The purchased books I use are Canson Mixed-Media pad or…