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The Vagabond Artist Stays Put for A While – Travel/Art Journal

Why keep a Travel and Art Journal?

My goal is tot keep you up to date on my adventures as the Vagabond Artist.  Inspiring you to feel your own creative pursuits don’t have to be perfect but can start a process of allowing yourself the freedom to create and grow along with me on this journey.

Welcome to Oro Valley, Arizona

I thought the natural beauty of Sedona was inspiring and it truly is unsurpassed for the iconic red rocks.  Oro Valley, on the other hand has the beauty of the desert with equally iconic Saguaro cacti and the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains.

We really struck gold with our two-month rental with an unobstructed view of the Santa Catalinas.  I throw open the shutters each morning and gaze at the view as I write Morning Pages. 

A variety of birds fly by, and I try unsuccessfully for the most part to identify them.  The mountains change colors as the day progresses and the sunsets are amazing.

Scenes of desert landscape anbd sunset
Scenes from Oro Valley

New House Status

The new build is progressing more quickly than we thought.  A potential to even close before the end of the year is possible!  We bought the house somewhat on faith as the builder had no physical model of this plan.  It’s been nearly a year since we picked out the options and I had pretty much forgot how it would look. 

Flooring in the new house
Flooring installation
Kitchen cabinets installation
Kitchen cabinets
Roofing in progress and painting done
Roofing in progress and painting done

I will have one room dedicated to my art studio and we will have a dedicated office area as well.  I’m looking forward to moving in but not forward to the physical aspects of actually moving.

Art Activities

I started a painting of a street scene from our visit to Walla Walla using a canvas panel I had packed since leaving Washington.  It’s still a work in progress but taking shape. 

In-progess painting of a street scene and a couple walking arm in arm.
Street Sceen In-Progress

The view of the Santa Catalinas was a must to capture for my travel/art blog.  I couldn’t quite match the colors, but I feel I captured the mood.  I even included the bird that I still can’t identify!

Art journal painting of the Santa Catalina Mountains as veiwed from my window
Santa Catalina Mountains as veiwed from my window

I read that acrylic paint could be kept moist if you applied it on top of a damp paper towel.  What I found is that the paper towel absorbed much of the paint.  Not to waste any paint, I applied the wet towel to several journal pages as “smears” or blobs.  I think they have a watercolor effect, don’t you?

I added some mark making techniques to a few pages and used a stencil to add a Saguaro cactus, complete with a little owl peeking out of its nest. 

Paint blobs and mark making
Paint blobs and mark making
Paint blobs and mark making
Paint blob and saquaro stencil

Next On the Agenda

We stay ere for two months and then head to downtown Tucson for the first two week of January.  That time will most likely e spent moving, but I will still do whatever art I can when I can.  I joined a local artists group through Meetup and signed up to attend a get together on January 8, 2023.  Can you believe it will be 2023 already?

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