Below are examples of my style. I try many different techniques and styles. I’d like feedback from you as to where I can improve and where to focus.


I like faces and have tried a variety of different mediums and styles.

Mixed Media Portraiture
Portrait from alive model
Quirky Portraits

Collage Art

Collage is so meditative for me. I use different techniques from Soul Collage to get work through a block, painted paper collage and collage for the first layer of a painting or mixed media work.

Various Collage Techniques

Resin Art

I first started with resin probably three years ago when I local contractor installed epoxy resin over our laminate countertops. I thought, “I can do that!”

Avian Art

I have always been drawn to birds. I paint them realistic when I can or make something quirky.

Give Me Your Feedback

Tell me which of these styles you like best. What would you like to learn? I am considering tutorials but want to focus on subscriber needs. Thank you for looking at my work!