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Handcrafted Journals

An assortment of handcrafted journals

Today I want to share some of my different techniques to create handmade journals. 

Paper Cloth Journal

A journal cover is made from a type of “paper cloth” using muslin for a base material and then applying thin papers on top using thinned down Mod Podge or a matte medium. Paper napkins (decorative part separated) or recycled tea bags were used and drizzled with acrylic ink.  Next, either apply the “paper cloth” to a backing such as cardboard or card stock or leaver it as is. Finally, use watercolor paper or mixed media paper to fill the journals as I intend to use them as art journals.  You could also use ruled paper if you want to write in them and like the structure of the lines.   

“Paper Cloth” made with muslin, candy wrappers, paper napkins, and acrylic inks

The largest one measures about 10” x 13” and is decorated on the inside covers with painted paper collage in the shape of an octopus and a sea turtle. I intend to use this one to primarily draw sea life.   

Large journal of “Paper Cloth” over cardboard

Collage Inside Covers

Inner cover of a sea turtle in painted paper collage
Octopus in painted paper collage
Seahorse drawn with markers and colored pencils

The smallest one I’ve made measures approximately 4.5” x 7” and I filled it with scrap watercolor paper.   

Small “Peper Cloth” journal with watercolor paper

Easy and Cheap Upcycled Envelope Journal

An easy journal to create with easily accessible materials is the envelope journal. 

Envelope journal

Simply find envelopes of the same size, place on flap inside the other and create pages either by inserting more envelopes into the flap or attaching papers.

One flap inserted into another
Additional envelopes inserted into the flap to create additional pages

Then, the envelopes can be decorated with paint, stickers, or whatever suits your fancy.  The envelopes form pockets that can be used to place mementos, cards, photos, or other small items.   

Pages created by slipping folded paper into one of the pockets. Another envelope added to creare another pocket

I’m currently taking a class on Udemy on bookbinding and learning how to use the Coptic Stitch to make a more complex journal.  Once I’m finished, I will share my results.   

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