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Last week I managed to complete four of the “taster” lessons from Tamara LaPorte’s Kaleidoscope session.  T tried to choose lessons that used a medium I wasn’t comfortable using or a subject that I don’t typically draw/paint.  Two of the subjects were portraits and those I tend to lean towards, but the medium was different for me, or the subject was different.   

The first one I completed was a lesson from Christa Forrest and the subject was a Black woman.  I made mine a little older (thus the blue hair). I liked the mixed-media aspect using collage elements for the background and dress and using colored-pencils and paint markers.  She looks a little wonky, but that’s okay. 

Ethnic Portrait

Wise Woman

The second one I completed was a street scene done in watercolor of Santorini, Greece.  The instructor was Toni Burt, and the medium is watercolor.  The goal is to be loose and that’s an element of art I struggle with.  Additionally, I still am not comfortable using watercolor but keep practicing and my comfort level is growing.   

Next was a mixed media leopard on watercolor paper.  This was something WAY out of my comfort level.  The artist, Eulalia Mejia, uses acrylic paint on watercolor paper.  The end result is a paper that has a leather-like texture.  I don’t usually paint in this type of style but like the end result.  I’m thinking of using it as a journal cover – what do you think? 

Leopard with Embellishments

Lastly, I used watercolor, acrylic inks, and pens to follow along with the lesson from Tamara LaPorte.  This is by far my favorite and I titled it “Music Is Her Name.”  She reminds me of so many people in my life who have or had red hair.   

This is a watercolor portrait in the style of Tamara LaPorte.

In the end, I was sorely tempted to sign up and pay for the year-long Kaleidoscope course.  I didn’t because I am already signed up for the year-long Let’s Face It Course at Kara Bullock Art School (https://karabullockart.com/) and falling behind on the lessons as it is.  I may do the Kaleidoscope next year as it is typically offered each year.  For more information, you can follow Tamara LaPorte at https://www.willowing.org/ 

If you sign up for her newsletter, she will give you a free mixed media e-course.  She also frequently offers other freebies and discounts on her classes.  If you’d like to know more about my creative practices, please sign up for my newsletter below. I promise to not overwhem you with email.

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