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Not Feeling It – Have I lost my Mojo?

Not Feeling It – Have I lost my Mojo?

This year has been full of ups and downs so far and I’m looking at where I am right now and trying to figure out just why I lost my mojo. I’m still creating. I still write Morning Pages in my journal each day. I have a support group or two of fellow artists.  I used to feel inspired, but lately I just feel tired. What Happened?


January was the big move interrupted by a quick road trip. February I was sick for the first couple of weeks. Towards the end of February, Jim’s prostate cancer was confirmed. March had my birthday and that always brings a sense of melancholy to me. The middle of March we both had COVID. At the end of March, I attended my third portrait workshop with Robin Damore and learned new techniques and skills.  Now it’s April. My youngest turned 39! We’re getting a tax refund and that will go towards screening in the back porch.  I found out I have a stomach ulcer. What next?

Medical Issues

My husband had high PSA scores that skyrocketed in the last year. He finally had a biopsy that confirmed he has prostate cancer with a Gleeson score of 3 + 7 (low intermediate risk). We’ve spent way too much time in medical offices. Frequently I take my sketchbook and try to while away the time. Below is my favorite sketchbook I carry in my purse and some quick sketches from waiting rooms:

Picture of a sketchbook with an owl on the front
Four sketches of people in waiting rooms

Then I had an endoscopy and found out I have a stomach ulcer. I’m waiting for the results of the biopsy, but the doctor wants to do another in June. Oh, and he put me on a proton-pump inhibitor. Seems like I’ve heard negative concerns with the prolonged use of proton-pump inhibitors. Plus, I really don’t like adding another medication to the list. 

Creative Activities

Sketchbook Revival

In spite of it all, or maybe because of it, I’ve still been busy with art. I started gung-ho with the Sketchbook Revival online challenge.  This is an annual event hosted by Karen Abend. https://www.karenabend.com/

I was trying to do one of the lessons each day. That lasted for about three days! I think I still have some time to try and do more. Here’s a colored pencil portrait from Irene Ruby’s lesson:

Colored pencil portrait

Portrait Workshop

I attended a portrait workshop at the Scottsdale Artist’s School with Robin Damore. This is the third workshop I’ve attended with her and still have much to learn.

Photo of the author olding a portrait

She is a wonderful instructor who also offers workshops at her studio in Vancouver, Washington. Check her website outout:


Functional Art

I created a tabletop using a cradled birch panel and finished with epoxy resin.  I haven’t done resin work in over a year, and I could tell just how rusty I was. These birch panels are a perfect fit over many of the side tables found in local home improvement stores.

Photo of outdoor patio set

Creative Opportunities

Photo of an advertisement for Jenny Grant's upcoming free art retreat

Jenny Grant is offering a mixed media free art retreat April 21-23.

The retreat lessons will be available for 10 days. Here’s an example of a mixed media portrait I did from one of her previous retreats:

Mixed Media portrait

You can find out more about Jenny Grant at the following link:



Life is challenging. Things happen that we have little control over. Art heals. Creativity distracts from pain. Live each day with as much joy as possible. My faith gives me hope and hope sustains me. I wish you all the same in your creativive practices, whatever they may be.

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