Creating on the Road – Part 3

Scottsdale, Arizona

You can’t visit Scottsdale in January without taking advantage of the mild weather and the beautiful hiking trails.  My husband was still not 100% recovered from COVID pneumonia so our hiking was limited.  We did try the Gateway Trail at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Amazing views and iconic saguaro cactus awaited.  Creativity is nourished by immersing oneself in nature. 

Classic Cars at Barrett-Jackson

Another highlight of Scottsdale is the abundance of classic auto auctions.  We’ve been to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction several times and couldn’t let this tradition go without honoring this tradition.  Once day, perhaps, I’ll own a classic car.  For now, I just get to look at them and dream. 

Volkswagon Busses
Muscle Cars, Mercedes, and Early Vintage Model

What’s your favorite? Are you a classic car aficionado?

Time for Art?

With so many distractions, taaking the time to make art required some discipline. First, I set up an area on the table in the room we were staying where I could leave my supplies readily available. Second, I had time each morning while my husband was otherwise occupied. Third, I was equipped with some basic art supplies and, finally, I had been collecting epherma throughout our trip – maps, museum guides, visitor magazines, ticket stubs, and other similar free paper products.

Catfeather Crone

When out on Artist’s Walks, I look for sigils or symbols that speak two me. The two most frequently in my travels are feathers and cats. I decided to try and draw a self-portrait with these two symbols. I started with ink and then tried watercolor. Watercolor is a medium I find challenging but keep at it. I named this one Catfeather Crone.

Catfeather Crone

Paint Your Heart and Soul 2021

I signed up to take the Paint Your Heart and Soul Course while traveling. The course was on sale so I thought, why not? This lesson is called Passion to Flow with Jenny Grant

The lesson allowed my to use the various epherma papers I’d collected on the trip. A canvas board was used as the substrate and the papers were adhered using matte medium but any glue will do. I then lightly applied gesso over the entire surface, pushing the colors into the background. The artist then guides you to take the painting and start turning it in different directions to see if anything shows up. I did so and found the hint of a face. Charcoal was then used to further define the features.


Free Opportunity

Jenny Grant is offering a free retreat starting on April 22, 2022. You can sign up for it at the following link:

I know I will be there!

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