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3 Creative Practices to Embrace

The art of developing a creative practice can be likened to elementary school.  How does learning become habit?  The following three areas can help you develop and sustain a creative practice in the new year:             
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Show Up

Set aside time to create.  Take one activity that doesn’t serve and replace it with a creative practice.  Even if it’s just 10 minutes set aside to put pen or pencil to paper.  For me, it was giving up reading the daily paper first thing in the morning.  Not only did it give me time to write or draw or paint, but it also fostered a more positive outlook on life.  Start small and reward your successes.

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What have you always wanted to do?  Do it!  If you don’t have the money, find a related Youtube video or even a book from your local library.  Both are free.  If you have more money to invest, purchase an online course from one of your favorite creatives or attend an in-person workshop.  Again, start small and reward your successes.  Throughout the year, continue to hone newfound skills or explore other art forms. 

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Just as children need time away from learning, so do adults.  A sense of play opens the mind to new ways of thinking.  Have fun!  I always loved to swing as a child and would try to go as high as I could.  So high, the back legs of the swing set would come off the ground. I haven’t used a swing like that in years.  Would I look foolish?  Would I get dizzy? Would the children laugh at me?  Maybe yest to all the above but I’m going to do it!


The new year presents an opportunity to embrace your creative self. This doesn’t have to be a harsh resolution but a desire to grow as a creative. If you are here, you are interested in growing. Reward yourself for having this desire and allow the time to continue this growth.

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