The Vagabond Artist Lands in Walla Walla – My Travel Journal

In my ongoing travel journal, I say goodbye to Montana and the friends we made while there.  On to Walla Walla, Washington, a place close to my heart. 

The Setting

I grew up in a government town where nearly everyone lived in government housing with no sense of history or place.  Imagine my delight when I moved to Walla Walla in my early 20s.  Beautiful historic houses, lush landscapes, the Blue Mountains!  I only lived there for three or four years, but it still feels like home. 

A few of the unique houses

We are staying in a lovely four-bedroom home within walking distance of the renowned downtown area.  We saw a parade, a car show, and visited a few of the tasting rooms.  We walk nearly every day and joined the YMCA. 

So many cars!

Makeshift Studio for Creative Practices

With all the activities, I didn’t get too much done so far in the way of art.  I did set up a studio in one of the bathrooms.  Do you like the way I’ve laid it out?  I admit being right on top of two sinks and having laundry available is handy when creating. 

Making it work with what you have

Painting When I Can

I was able to finish a portrait I had been working on since Montana.  This is part of an online course I’m taking, and the portrait is supposed to be me!  It’s the side you don’t see.  My husband said, “but you don’t have red hair!” I said, “Maybe it’s not my hair but my brains leaking out!” 

Does she look like me?

Art Soul Gathering Portrait

I also did a small portrait from the Art Soul Gathering free course I had posted about before.  The lesson was from one of my favorite artists, Ivy Newport, and is supposed to be representative of Mary Magdalene. 

What’s Next

This week will be my 50th high school reunion and that will interfere with creative practices and travel journals, but hopefully I can reconnect with old friends.  More to follow on this creative journey.

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  1. Love your Mary Magdalene. I don’t know how you manage to get such expression in the eyes. Sorrow, regret, yet gratitude and devotion.

    Have fun in Walla Walla. Miss you!

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