Tamara LaPorte of Willowing.org offering a free workshop
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But I Don’t Have Time for a Free Art Opportunity!

Just a quick note to let you all know of an opportunity to access the Lifebook 2023 FREE (!) Taster Sessions for seven days. I know many are busy with Christmas and holiday preparations, but it’s always a good idea to take time to focus on creative activities to nourish your creative soul during this busy season.

Tamara LaPorte of Willowing.com

Tamara is an artist based in the UK. She provides individual classes and several workshops over the course of the year. She generously offers taster sessions for her workshops to allow artists to try out the sessions before commiting to the course. The Life Book Taster Sessions were offered earlier this year and they were incredibly popular with nearly 20,000 people participating. With so many sessions, artists found it difficult to get through all the courses. The replay includes more than 30 classes and you can pick and choose which classes you want to try during the 7-day replay.

Some of the featured artist’s work

Important Notes About this Art Opportunity

  1. The link to sign up for the course is below
  2. Once you sign up, you have 7 days to try out the sessions
  3. Use whatever supplies you have on hand. Don’t feel you have to have the exact supplies the artist/instructor uses. Sometimes amazing results come from using fewer products!
  4. If you feel so called, sign up for the full course.



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