I have always been an artist. Growing up, I was the one kid in the family who caused the most trouble. I was highly imaginative and started my art “career” by scribbling what my parents called “horrible-eyed creatures” all over the walls. My parents did their best to find ways to let me practice my passion without destroying the house. My mom was even able to talk the local butcher out of butcher paper so I would have something to draw on. When that ran out, I would draw on used envelopes and doodle on any area of white paper I could find! I took the traditional elective art classes in high school and college but chafed at the rules. 

 I married fairly young and had two children.  My husbands (yes, two!) were abusive.  The first one was physically abusive and the second was emotionally abusive.  I think I married the second husband because I thought he could protect me from the first husband!  

The responsibility of raising children coupled with little support from my husbands led to many years where art took a back burner if it even existed at all. I did try to find ways to still be creative – creating and sewing Halloween costumes, making unique birthday cakes, designing t-shirts, and painting store windows at Christmastime. I always told myself I would be able to devote time to art when I retired. 

 Fast forward many years and am remarried (happily).  I found myself five years into retirement and recognized I had not done any art at all! That was a wake-up call for me and since then I have been trying to make up for lost time.