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Another Free Creative Opportunity – Hurry!

Life Book 2023 Taster Sessions Start 9/26/2023

I have been a big fan of Tamara LaPorte and her art. She graciously shares free taster sessions to allow interested parties to try out some of the work by artists teaching in the course who will go deeper if you purchase the year-long course.

What To Expect

From the description on Tamara LaPorte’s web page for the Life Book Taster Sessions, you can expect the following:

  • Receive free classes & gifts from 30 artists!
  • Learn how to create some beautiful art works.
  • Get to know the Life Book teachers.
  • Enter daily Giveaways to win a free place on Life Book 2023.
  • Hang out with like minded creative people!
  • Focus on YOU and your wellbeing.
  • Work from the comfort of your home.
  • Relax, express yourself and have some fun!

Speaking From Experience

The overall schedule of the Taster Week can seem overwhelming. The variety of different styles and the perceived idea of needing all the various supplies can be daunting. Trust me, you can use most any supplies you have on hand and you need not do all the sessions. Pick one or two (or three!) artists whose styles you admire and go with them. If you have time for more, pick more, but don’t feel you have to do it all.

Use your imagination for art supplies. Many can be found at home:

  • Cardboard leftover from packaging
  • Kid’s crayons
  • Regular ink pens and pencils
  • Leftover coffee or tea (can be used as a stain)
  • Leftover housepaint
  • Old books

Previous artwork I’ve made from the previous Life Book Taster sessions can be seen below:

mixed media portrait
Mixed Media Portrait on Mixed Media Paper
Leopard Mixed Media
Funky Leopard Painting on Chipboard
Acrylic Ink Portrait
Acrylic Ink, Pen, and Watercolor Portrait on Watercolor Paper

Final Word

If you find you enjoy this art, consider purchasing the year-long Life Book course. It is on sale now until the end of December for 30% off. It’s a great deal and a way to explore different styles and techniques. A Facebook group is available for sharing and asking for help. Sign up by clicking on the Willowing Arts link below:

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